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We Offer Affordable Website And Internet Solutions Customized To Meet Individual Client Needs. Our Custom Web Management Services Were Created To Scale And Adapt To The Growth Of Your Business. We Update Our Clients Content As Needed And Add-on Additional Features Only When Needed To Keep Their Site Looking Fresh And Up To Date With Optimal Performance. As Your Web Service Provider – We’re Here To Serve All Of Your Internet Business Needs.

“Chuck and Marketmeteor created a clean, professional, straight-forward website for my fine art business.  I appreciate his commitment to updating my site regularly as I need and doing so in a timely fashion.  He is accurate, knowledgeable and up-to-date with the current Internet trends and shares this information with me regularly.  I appreciate his experience, expertise and insight into marketing online.  Thanks for your work Chuck”.

J. B.

“I hired Marketmeteor to recreate my gallery website. Thus far I could not be more pleased. Chuck is extremely responsive to my website needs and takes the time to make sure I understand how to use the Internet to the best interest of my business. I not only use Marketmeteor exclusively for my website management, hosting, email service and email marketing campaigns, I hired Chuck to build a second site for another project.

Quite possibly the single most important and positive aspect of my working relationship with Chuck is this: many of us who are self-employed are used to attempting to have things our own way… We tend to be control freaks. Repeatedly, Chuck has shown me the way. When we have not always seen eye-to-eye, Chuck has respectfully proven over and over again why he feels strongly about issues pertaining to my best interest. At the same time he shows his willingness to learn from those of us with ideas different than his own. I am not embarrassed to let all know that Chuck continues to be correct (only) about 99% of the time. Not bad!

Way to go Chuck. Thank you so much”!!
B. D.

“I am very pleased with what Chuck and Marketmeteor has provided me as a website dedicated to my art. Not only do they present the work beautifully, they provide related marketing opportunities that I would have never thought of on my own. I used to manage my own website. Not only was it extremely tedious to update (especially at year-end), but also it was not mobile optimized, which Marketmeteor accomplishes beautifully. For a very competitive price, Chuck has given me a website that has been praised by
my peers (other nationally-known artists), as well as collectors. I have nothing but praise for his responsiveness to requests for updates (even small ones), and his dedication to his clients.”
J. Z.

I am 100% pleased with Marketmeteor and their design and implementation of my new website. Chuck brings what I think of as the three most important elements in building a site: 1) knowledge of internet technology and how to enhance search engine presence; 2) talent in the realm of design; and 3) meticulous attention to detail. He delivers on time, and is always responsive to my ongoing needs and feedback. I could not be happier.

K. B.

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